We will act as your local country manager

Globale Business is a consulting firm specialised in international business facilitation and representation.



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Successfully opening up new markets abroad

We supports and advises foreign companies, groups of companies, self-employed and private persons with Africa business activities or other relationships to Africa contries.


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Does your company have global ambitions? Are you looking to establish yourselves in new markets?

Is your company already present in a market and looking to increase its revenues or (re)structure your activity locally?

Globale Business can support you in Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Central Africa west Africa , from our offices in Douala. We can also help you in more than 20 countries with the help of our partner network in Africa.  

We are experts in market entry strategies, in business development, in incubation and subsidiary management, in international acquisitions and investments and in the promotion of international trade fairs. We are known to offer operational solutions to produce practical results.

We welcome you to our office in Douala, where you will be able to convince yourself of our quality and diligence.

Our activities extend to the following countries in central Africa:

Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, Gabon, Central African Republic, Congo

Globale Businesss Central Africa

Our Office for :

Ghana, Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin, Burkina faso, 

 are coming soon

Globale Businesss West Africa

Our Solutions

Strategy &

Market Intelligence

Analyse your ecosystem in order to provide you a determining strategic advantage

Industrial establishment, JV and M&A

Identify your targets, undertake your Due Diligence and negotiate your commercial and industrial agreements

Sourcing & Quality

Manage your domestic presence and make you act as a local partner

Business development

Increase your turnover in strategic Business areas and/or manage your key accounts

Subsidiary establishment & management

Create and administer your subsidiary / Domicile and manage your foreign offices

Support to Development agencies & clusters

Assist professional associations and government agencies to support their clients’ international development

International Trade Fairs support

Represent and assist international exhibition organisers for the promotion of their event

Recruitment & HR Services

Identify collaborators on your export markets. Hire employees through our local office

Distribution & supply chain

Develop an agents and distributors network

Our team of highly trained systems 

specialists provide support every step of the way, from project assessment through implementation.

International Trade and Purchase 

Our business development specialist will be responsible for growing your business in the country, just as one of your own people would do. Our advantage is that we don't have to travel and know the market from within. You can hire us part-time, and for any commercial activity that you need.

We will act as your local country manager

- Develop a local distributors and agents network

- Switch from a distributor to another

- Set up a distribution network without establishing a subsidiary


International Trade & Purchase

How to find international distributors?



Global sourcing is the practice of sourcing from the global market for goods and services across geopolitical boundaries.



We will act as your local country manager

 - Setting up a sales teams

 - Organising sales events

 - Finding agents or distributors

 - Any other services

 - Country Management

 - Setting up online Sales

 - Direct business developent

 - Package  and branding advice

 - Marketing / Arranging publicity

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Strategy &  Market Intelligence

Industrial establishment, JV and M&A

Sourcing & Quality

Business development

Subsidiary establishment & management

International Trade Fairs support

Recruitment & HR Services

Distribution & supply chain

Support to Development agencies & clusters





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